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image Title: PA Market Report Brazil
Author: Marcela Canizo & Rob Francis
ISBN: 978-0-85386-368-7
Pages: 150
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In the last ten years Brazil has been gradually opening up its economic, educational and cultural frontiers to an increasing extent with other South American countries and with the world in general, with a consequent need to update its society in the areas of information, education, technology and science. The publishing industry has also played an important role in this process, by providing improved access to education, information and leisure, whether in Portuguese, English or other languages. 

The book industry has become more professional and mature, although the market outside government sales has shown lower revenue growth. It has been through a period of consolidation, with international and national publishers continuing acquisitions, partnerships and mergers. 

The dynamic progress seen in the internal market is helping Brazil to become a leader in the region, and investment is being made in all parts of the book business, both locally and from overseas.

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