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image Title: PA Guide to the UK Publishing Industry 3rd Edition
Author: Paul Richardson & Graham Taylor
ISBN: 978-085386-374-8
Pages: 112
Printed copy available.
Printed copy price: £ 9.99 (public) £ 6.00 (members)

This Guide to UK Publishing is a short work of reference for those new to the industry or those who work in collaboration with publishers about this important and enduring cultural and commercial sector. It is also a useful source of data for more experienced UK professionals, and for those from elsewhere researching the UK market.


The six years since the first edition have seen dramatic changes in the market environment and in the industry itself. Accelerating developments in digital technology, as a product, a means of production and a channel to market, have brought new forms of competition and stimulated new business models. The impact can be appreciated from the data in this Guide, but much remains to be played out in a highly dynamic landscape.

An optimistic analysis however suggests that UK Publishing has proved to be remarkably adaptable and resilient in challenging times.


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